A little history: The Nougat - El Artesano
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A little history: The Nougat


A little history: The Nougat

Did you know that Nougat is a Latin word derived from “nux gatum or nougo” meaning “nut cake”? It is curious, especially since the preparation of this delicious sweet almonds are generally used, although there are varieties made from nuts. Surely this is because it was dry walnut fruit that was originally used for processing, and then end up using almond.

The Nougat is originally from the town of Montélimar, which has its origin denomination. It is a nougat, made with almond paste, honey and sugar. It is characterized by the white color of honey combined with sugar, alternating with the color of whole almonds. you can also add pieces of orange or lemon, pistachios or hazelnuts, or use lavender honey.

nougat-el-artesanoIts preparation is heated in a water bath honey until all moisture disappears, it beats machine along with the egg whites to soft peaks. sugar high temperatures previously been incorporated. It continues mixing machine until the dough becomes sticky, beaten intensity is low and will incorporate nuts. One must be careful with the temperature differences as they can spoil the result.

In El Artesano we make this exquisite sweet traditional way and take it to your table so you can enjoy all year.