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To ensure a product of the highest quality, in Turrones El Artesano carefully we take care of the entire manufacturing process.

Since the mixing of the raw material, until further refinement and packaging, all phases of the development of our products are supervised by experts nougat teachers.


The expert Nougat Master mixes first the honey and sugar in a container known as “mecánica”. Then the peeled almonds, toasted to perfection are added and then the paste is mixed with a regular movement using stainless steel blades.




Once this initial part of the process has been finished, each “mecánica“ contains some 60 kilosgrammes of paste. Once it has been extracted it is spread out on special tables to cool. Once cold, it is milled in the granite mills and is put through the seives until it is the right texture.


After the refining process the paste is cooked for a second time in the “boixet“ for the time stipulated by the Consejo Regulador de Jijona y Turrón de Alicante to prepare it for the last phase.




In this last phase when the paste is still hot, it is put into moulds and to rest for 48 hours so it will cool and set. Then the only process left is to cut it into portions or bars and package it before sending it off to be sold.